Porsche of New Orleans Unveils the New 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera

January 11th, 2019 by

The new 911 manages to stand as both timeless and modern, staying true to the always iconic Porsche style. As the eighth generation model, the power and technology on display in the new 911 have been refined to exceed already lofty expectations. Supreme performance excels on the racetrack, while the comfort found within the interior stands the test of luxurious standards as well.

How Timeless Style Best Meets Contemporary Fashion

Your first look at the 911 Carrera will evoke appreciation for the timeless style that Porsche prides itself on. As your eyes continue to wander, especially to the back of the car, the modern improvements start to show off. The rear light strip blends seamlessly into the vehicle, while the 3D LED taillights stand out as their own statement. Settled in between the light strip and the tail lights, a new design for the model logo stands strong in a light silver shade. Additionally, the tailpipe has been redesigned, ready to handle all that is thrown its way. Another statement piece is the different sized wheels on the front and the back. Not only was the decision made through thoughtful engineering for prime performance, but the visual impact is impressive as well. From the front, you will see a nod to the model’s past, with timeless pieces staying true. The bonnet and its recess patterns stay true to previous models’ style, while the new design features on the bonnet are continuing to always better the overall look and performance. The headlights are also a 4 point LED system, with daytime running beams in addition to a dipped beam. The front apron also includes the camera and sensor systems, making sure that advances in all of these technological systems are both well protected and seamlessly integrated. Small details are often the ones that add up to stand out style. The door handles in the 911 are integrated into the body when not being used, which not only looks great, but rounds out the seamless handling that the exterior aims for.

When it comes to speed, the numbers that stand behind the 911 tend to speak for themselves. The 3 liter six-cylinder twin-turbo engine carries a full 443 horsepower. The torque, coming in at 390 lb-ft, will make sure that the power surrounding you is never missed. With such great forces, the mounts within the engine have been centered to the vehicle, making sure that the power is there, but it is coupled with extreme comfort. With these mounts placed where they are, vibrations will be reduced when reaching high speeds, in addition to better overall driving stability. Intentions of owning a vehicle like the 911 Carrera are always with speed performance. With a top speed of 191 mph, you are sure to have all of your expectations met when putting this vehicle to the test. The Sport Chrono Package is something in and of itself to behold. With this package attached to the always improving horizontally opposed engine, you will see an acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in an astounding 3.5 (3.3 with Sport Chrono Package) seconds. There are five driving modes within the additional package, including normal, sport, sport plus, individual and wet. The response function, activated from the steering wheel, allows you to choose which mode suits your current situation best. You will be receive responsiveness at maximum capacity for upwards of 20 seconds when engaged. In addition to the mode switching, the Porsche Track Precision app lets you easily track and manage all of your driving data while racing, including lap times.

Find Comfort At Any Speed Within the Luxurious 911 Interior

The standout theme of the interior is the horizontal. Your concentration while maneuvering on the road is always centered with controls going right to left from the steering wheel. There are two 7” displays with high resolution screens to deliver all of the information you are looking for while in motion. Beside these screens, which display the essentials, is the 10.9” touchscreen display, which has both the Porsche Communication Management system and online navigation. An elevated console, with finishes in either Dark Silver Diamar or Light Silver Diamar, have every option you need exactly where your hand is expecting it.

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