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Should You Get a Porsche Cayenne Lease or Buy a New Model? Experienced Mandeville, LA, Shoppers Consider These Factors

You know the Porsche brand is on a level by itself, so it’s not difficult to decide a new model is the right choice for you when it’s time to go shopping for a vehicle. What is tough is knowing whether to buy or lease. Other shoppers in Mandeville, LA, face the same dilemma and struggle to pick between a Porsche Cayenne lease or a purchase. Take a look at the pros and cons of both of these and decide which makes the most sense for your needs and situation.

You Won’t Keep the Same Car Too Long with a Lease

If you elect to get a Porsche Cayenne lease over a loan, you likely won’t develop a deep attachment to the vehicle. People who buy vehicles often have a close affinity for them because they drive them daily for years. With a lease, you’ll only have the same vehicle for three years. People who prefer to lease are happy to get into something different every few years. If you’d rather stay in the same car for the long term, a lease probably isn’t for you.

Lease, and You’ll Drive Something Better for Less

It’s not uncommon for a shopper in Mandeville, LA, to get a Porsche lease on a vehicle he or she didn’t previously imagine was possible. Monthly leasing payments are often less expensive than monthly loan payments because you pay for the amount the car’s value will depreciate, not the amount it’s worth. You will also pay less in taxes and registration fees with a lease.

Loans Let You Drive All You Want and Make Changes to the Vehicle

Mileage restrictions are a big drawback to a Porsche Cayenne lease; however, this won’t be an issue when you buy. You can watch the odometer rise and not stress out about going over any limits. When you buy your Porsche, you can also make any changes you see fit.

Buy Your Car and Deal with More Problems Down the Road

If you decide to get a loan, chances are good that you’ll hang onto the vehicle for several years. If you do this, you’ll eventually experience mechanical difficulties as you drive in Mandeville, LA, and might need to pay for repairs. As your car ages, you’ll face more stress, and it’ll have less reliability.

Like other Mandeville, LA, shoppers, you may not know whether a loan is best or whether you should go for a Porsche Cayenne lease. Study the pros and cons and let the team at Ray Brandt Porsche help you out.

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