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Take Advantage of Porsche Macan GTS Pricing and Take an End-of-Summer Road Trip Away From Estelle, LA

The weather is already starting to cool down, but you still have some time left in the sun if you want to take one more weekend road trip to get away from Estelle, LA, for a while. But before you leave, you have to think about what to bring with you in your new ride after taking advantage of Porsche Macan GTS pricing. You don’t want to forget anything important, after all. The following are some items you definitely shouldn’t leave at home. Start packing now, so all you’ll have to worry about when you get on the road is having a great time.

Food and Drinks

Sure, it’s easy to just stop at gas stations to get snacks along the way to your destination, but it’s going to end up being more expensive than it needs to be. Instead, you could spend less and just buy snacks at an Estelle, LA, grocery store to pack with you. In addition, you’ll have access to healthier food this way. Instead of binging on the chips and sweets you’d find at rest stops along the way, you can bring fresh fruit and veggies, pretzels, granola, or anything else you can snack on while you go down the road.


As much as you love your vehicle, driving for hours on end can still get boring. Before you leave Estelle, LA, think about what entertainment you want to have in the car with you. This can include music, of course, but think of other ways to enjoy your time in the car. For example, you could download an audiobook and listen to that while you’re driving. Or, if you don’t want to have to spend money on entertainment, try out a podcast or two. There are now podcasts on a wide range of topics, so you’re sure to find something interesting to keep you engaged while you’re driving.

Emergency Supplies

You want to make sure you have what you need to get help in case of an emergency, especially when you’re far away from Estelle, LA. Therefore, remember to bring a flashlight, a spare tire, a tire pressure gauge, and jump starter cables. These are all essential equipment to have just in case something bad happens.

Now, you’re ready to get away from Estelle, LA, and have an amazing road trip. Come to Ray Brandt Porsche first if you still need the right ride.

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