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Porsche Macan

Where to Take Your Porsche Macan on a Family Day Out in Kenner, LA

Do you want to have some fun with your family in Kenner, LA? Then hop in your Porsche Macan and check out some fun local hotspots. There is a lot to do in and around Kenner, so you shouldn’t miss out on the fun. When you have a great vehicle like a Macan, you can go anywhere and do anything you want. Have a great day with your family this weekend.

Go to a Local Park

It can be so easy to get too busy and forget to enjoy the little things in life. Take a break from it all for a while by going to a local park. You can even pack your Porsche Macan with a picnic and enjoy a meal outside. Bring a soccer ball, a Frisbee, or other things to play with so you won’t feel bored. Whether you want to explore some trails or just set up shop on a picnic blanket, you are sure to have a fun and memorable day with your family.

Visit New Orleans

One of the most interesting and lively cities in the South is just miles away from Kenner, LA, in New Orleans. There is a ton to do there, from going to restaurants to visiting the aquarium. If you haven’t visited in a while or have never been there, it’s time to plan a day trip. If you are looking for other fun activities to do in the city, check out Audubon Zoo, Faulkner House Books, and the historic carousel in City Park. All are great options for families.

Go Out to Eat

When was the last time you went out to eat with your family? Get in your Porsche Macan and drive to your favorite local dining establishment. Don’t have a favorite? Try something new! Try out some Mexican, Chinese, or burgers, and the whole family is sure to enjoy it.

When you have an amazing car like a Porsche Macan, you can go anywhere you want to go. Whether you are taking trips with your family, going to work, or just running your daily errands, the Macan is sure to give you everything you need out of a ride. For the best selection of Porsche vehicles, come to Ray Brandt Porsche.

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