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The Difference in the Experience

There should be a huge difference in the feeling you get when you see the team at a mainstream auto dealership versus a luxury location.  When you think of Porsche, you think of luxury, sports cars, and performance on a grand scale.  Thankfully, the team at Porsche of New Orleans understands the need for you to have a fantastic experience and they are certainly one of the premiere Porsche dealers in the New Orleans, LA area to make sure you enjoy working with them and choosing the right model to drive.

It Starts with the Sales Team

Before you ever choose the place that will help you maintain your vehicle, you have to purchase or lease that vehicle.  The sales team at Porsche of New Orleans will make you feel welcome, offers you the attention you want, provides a comfortable luxury surrounding for you to enjoy the location, and makes it easy for you to take the vehicle you want to drive out for a ride to see if it fits you.  This team begins your experience with the dealership with the right first impression that will make you come back time and again.

The Service Team Gives You More

It’s not a secret that buying or leasing a Porsche model is an expensive investment for you, and you’re going to want to make sure your Porsche is able to offer you the drive you want every time you head out for a drive.  Meet the service team at Porsche of New Orleans and understand they are the heart of this leader among the premiere Porsche dealers in the area.  Bring your Porsche to this service team and let them assist you with the service you need to keep you on the roads in New Orleans, LA.

Certified and Right for You

What you’ll find when you see this expert service team is the use of certified Porsche parts and a team of experts that will know your vehicle and what it needs.  You don’t want a technician working on your Porsche for the first time, which is why all technicians at this location have been put through an extensive training program to make sure they understand the intricacies of your Porsche.  You’re going to admire how well your vehicle continues to drive whether you come to this team for regular service or for repairs to be completed.

The Quality You’re Looking for

If you intend to spend a large amount of money to have the ability to drive a Porsche, then you need the right one of the premiere Porsche dealers in the New Orleans, LA area to offer you the experience you expect.  Make sure you see the team at Porsche of New Orleans and experience the quality, comfort, and sophistication you’re looking for.  As part of the Ray Brandt Auto Group, you’re going to be pleased to have this team by your side.

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